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Compare and Contrast in differences between the NineteenthCentury North and South. 

Please see attached PDF and Word(explanation of the essay) files . Use ONLY the attached documents as your source . No internet or other sources can be used. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY EACH INSTRUCTION. In each PDF file there will be 3 needed themes for the essay.


Compare and Contrast in differences between the Nineteenth- Century North and South. That means in the 1800, in all of the following cases A, B and C where:

A)  American System(PDF)

The North- Market Revolution (PDF)

The South- Plantation Slave(PDF)

B) The North â€“ Doctrine of the Spheres (PDF) and True Womanhood (PDF)

The South– Code of Honor and Plantation Mistress. (PDF)

C) Explain each region`s view (South and North) on Secession Crisis(PDF) and Explain the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions. (PDF)

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