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complete a Risk Management Plan to minimise the possibility of staff acquiring the disease in the


Hierachy of Controls
Under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and Regulation, a PCBU of an animal care facility is required to identify hazards and manage risks, when their job role includes certain responsibilities.
These are listed in the first column of the table below.

Refer to the code below and read the section on “Hierachy of Controls” and answer the question in the 3rd coloumn for each workplace activity in Column 2.


Responsibility of a PCBU occurs when… Workplace activity that relates to the responsibility Describe one H&S risk that may occur from completing this activity in the workplace.

What control measures are the most
effective in eliminating or minimising the
risk from the activities?
You might find a single control measure is enough or a combination
of controls is needed.

A PCBU is responsible for the design, the manufacture, any import or supply of plant (equipment), any substances or any structures used at a workplace. Using a clothers dryer in the workplace. Risk-


They engage workers or they may supervise and are responsible for workers in the workplace. New staff members with no experience handling fearful animals. Risk-


The workers or others in the workplace are at risk from the activities undertaking in the workplace Identifying signs of possible zoonoses in animals cared for in the workplace. Risk-


They manage and control the fixtures, fittings or plant in the workplace Maintainence check of all smoke alarms in the building. Risk-


Install, construct or commission plant (equipment) or structures at a workplace. The Hydrobath leaks water badly around the door every time a dog is bathed. Risk-



There are many common hazards involved in caring for animals. Working with animals is considered hazardous industry as far as human safety is concerned. Complete the following table:


Research the following hazards and provide a risk relating to each one


Describe onecontrol measure that may help minimise the risk

Hazard Risk Control Measure
Noise risk
(I have completed an example for you)
Hearing damage from continuous barking and long exposure from multiple dogs in an enclosed kennel. Hearing protection for all staff working in that area.
Crush injuries
Bodily fluids
Manual handling
Work postures
Underfoot hazards
Machinery with moving parts
Bilogical hazards
c Once hazards have been identified who should they be reported to in the workplace?
4 Housekeeping

Research “housekeeping” in the “Worksafe worksite” www.worksafe.qld.gov.au
and answer the following questions.

a Explain the differences between poor housekeeping and good housekeeping
b Provide 2 examples of each
Good house keeping Poor housekeeping
c What is the advantage of maintaining a good control measure regarding housekeeping?
5 Zoonoses – answer the following questions in the column provided.
a What is the meaning of the term zoonoses?
b List 4 steps in preventing zoonoses according to the QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
c Name the groups of people that are more susceptible to disease than others and are considered high risk
d Q Fever and Leptospirosis are found in which specific occupational groups.
6 Risk Management Plans

Risk management is a legal requirement of any industry and sensible risk management should be in place in all workplaces. To help employers meet compliancy in health and safety a Risk Management Plan
(RMP – adapted from the WHS Queensland â€œHow to manage work health and safety risk code of practice 2011” ) was developed and can be used for any potentially hazardous procedures. All staff should be made aware of them once completed.

The zoonoses Q fever has long been associated with farm animals as being the most common source of human infection. It is now known that it can be acquired from other animals such as kangaroo, bandicoots, camels, dogs and cats which should be a concern to us all.


Your employers have asked you to research Q fever and complete a Risk Management Plan to minimise the possibility of staff acquiring the disease in the workplace.

For this activity you will need the following:

· Risk Management plan template. A “word format” version has been provided for you below.

· Refer to the How to manage work health and safety risks Code of Practice 2011for information on howto complete the document.https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/injury-prevention-safety/managing-risks/managing-risk

· To understand how to measure a risk refer to Page 12-13 of the above code.

· To learn more about Q fever these sites will be of value:



Risk management plan – single risk
Company name: Completed by:
Work area: Date completed:
Hazard identification
Risk assessment
What harm could the hazard cause?
What is the likelihood of this happening
Persons at risk
Existing control measure
Consequence determined using Risk Assessment Matrix
Likelihood determined using Risk Assessment Matrix
Outcome determined using Risk Assessment Matrix
Control measures
Administrative or PPE
Preferred control option
Associated activities Resources required Person(s) responsible Sign off and date

Scheduled review date: / /

Are the control measures in place?
Are the controls eliminating/minimising the risk?
Are there any new problems with the risk?


Assessment criteria / benchmarks

The evidence submitted demonstrates that the student satisfactorily:

1 A: Terminology

Meanings of the following termsanswered correctly:

? Hazard


? Risk

? Risk control

? Plant

1 B: Safe Work Australia role described correctly.
1 C: 6 tasks listed an HSR is performs for the group they represent.
2 benefits described on how a HSR is beneficial in the workplace.
1 D: Correct time frame described on when a PCBU has to set up a HSC once it has been requested.
HSC membership presented correctly described.
2 Heirachy of controls
5 x risks correctly explained
Examples of control measures described for each risk
Hazard identification and risk controls

A risk described for each of the points below:
? Noise,

? Crush injuries

? Chemical

? Bodily fluids

? Manual handling

? Work postures

? Underfoot hazards

? Moving parts of machinery

? Biological hazards

3 B A control measure described for each of the points in 3 A
3.C Reporting of hazards in the workplace correctly described
4.A Poor and good house keeping differences described correctly

B 2 correct examples provided for both good and bad housekeeping.

C The advantage of maintaining good control measures regarding housekeeping described correctly

A Zoonoses meaning correctly described
B 4 steps in preventing zoonoses according to DAF correctly described.
C More susceptible and high risk groups to zoonoses described

D Specific occupational groups more susceptible to Q Fever and Leptospirosis described correctly

6 Risk Management Plan for Q Fever correctly completed.

Please answer those questions regarding marking criteria


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