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lay out your plan for taking the data listed in your Week 2 email, and using it to get to answers an

 I need an email essay and 5 slides PPT presentation. I choose the sales force case study.

(1) Email-essay scenario: The data collection process is almost complete, and your boss now wants you to send them a plan for data analysis. In an email, lay out your plan for taking the data listed in your Week 2 email, and using it to get to answers and/or solutions for the Netflix or Salesforce project. Shoot for writing an email clear enough that if it were forwarded to one of your Netflix/Salesforce data science team colleagues, they would be able to get going on the analysis without you.

A couple notes re choosing analysis methods:

  1. The analysis method may not require much math. The math may simple, like means and distributions and arithmetic. In the case of Salesforce, analysis may include a fair amount of data manipulation that’s not automated. If this is the case, give step-by-step instructions on the process.
  2. This is not a test of your data analysis knowledge. I know different students are at different levels in the class. I will be grading on your critical thinking skills and clear communication. If you aren’t sure what an appropriate data analysis method would be, please email me and I can give you some direction.


  • Overall project objective
  • Data analysis plan
    • Analysis techniques or data manipulation to be used. If not commonly used, describe it.
  • Why this plan will get you the analyses you need to get to the objective.


  • Use in line citations where appropriate
  • Include a reference list/bibliography
  • Minimum 300 words

Example email from instructor:

  • Week 3 example email:  ALY6100_Week3_example_email_essay.pdf ALY6100_Week3_example_email_essay.pdf – Alternative Formats
    • Note: This is not a perfect email. Some points are clearer, and some are less clear. Some information in this may be unnecessary. If you think something’s not great in this email, make it better in your own. Also yours does not need to be this along AT ALL. The Google Manager case is pretty complex.

(2) Slide(s) prompt: Your boss agrees with your data analysis plan and wants you to present it to the team. Put together slides to explain your plan to the team.


  • Min 4 content slides / Max 7 content slides. (Content slides are alls slides except initial title, reference, thank yous/”any questions?” slides)
  • No links to outside videos
  • If you work with a partner, put both partner’s names on the slides
  • Citations as appropriate

  • attachment


  • attachment


  • attachment


  • attachment


  • attachment


  • attachment


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