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Margaret House CEO of Bounce Fitness and the Board of Directors are keen to have the four Centres re

Task 2: Report and Presentation


General instructions:

This assessment task requires you to use the simulated business Bounce Fitness and its additional Resources. You can access these on Canvas page for Task 2.


Case Study

Margaret House, CEO of Bounce Fitness and the Board of Directors are keen to have the four Centres registered with Fitness Australia (http://www.fitness.org.au). They feel that standards required to be met as a registered fitness centre would not only ensure the credibility of the organisation in the eyes of the public but provide goals for the Centre Managers and teams.


Registration will require meeting the Code of Conduct for the state in which each Centre is located and ensuring that all trainers meet, or immediately undertake training to meet certain standards.  Information about the registration can be obtained by going to the Fitness Australia website and clicking on the Registration and Policies and Guidelines tabs. The Codes of Conduct for each State can be found on the Policies and Guidelines tab, Business Principles and Guidelines section, if you scroll down the page.


The minimum educational qualification required by Bounce Fitness for all trainers is the Certificate III in Fitness Instructing and all trainers must hold this to continue to work as a trainer of classes and individual clients. At this point in time, this has not been consistently applied. In Cairns all are qualified, in Brisbane two need the basic training, two also in Sydney and in Melbourne there is one. It is intended under the change management initiative that all trainers, once they have completed the basic training will continue to pursue further training, the Certificate IV and Diploma, annually as personal development.


Bounce Fitness will pay for the training fees and other incidentals such as textbook requirements and provide one paid hour per week for study leave. Bounce Fitness will also reimburse travel and accommodation for compulsory study attendance sessions.


It is expected that the change management process will be smooth if adequate measures are taken and the process is well managed. The major resistance will come from the five trainers who do not have this qualification and have learned through experience. They do not feel that a qualification is necessary. They have indicated that they are not keen to participate in the further training initiative.


If the whole standardisation process is not managed carefully, there is a potential for dissatisfaction and all Centres may not comply with the standardised procedures. This is a major concern for the Executive; hence your recommendations are crucial.


You have been asked to investigate the feasibility, benefits and practicality of entering such a relationship with Fitness Australia and make recommendations. Prepare a report for submission to the CEO and Board.






Part A – Obtain Information


This part requires you to gain background information. Address the following points to ensure you have all the necessary information:


Question 1:

Review the information in the Case Study; examine the information on the Bounce Fitness website and the website of Fitness Australia.












Question 2:

Identify, define and analyse the business problems and issues.













Question 3:

Identify what information you will require to provide to the CEO and Board of Directors to allow them to decide.











Question 4:


Investigate the information on the Fitness Australia website.   How do you know that the information you are gathering is reliable?










Question 5:

Check the information and ensure that the information you select to use is not contradictory or ambiguous.









Question 6:

How will you obtain anecdotal and other information not held in formal networks from the Centres?














Part B – Analyse Information


This part requires you to analyse the information that you have gathered. Address the following points to ensure you can make the best recommendations:


Question 7:

What are your objectives in conducting your analysis of the information gathered?














Question 8:

Describe the patterns or trends emerging? Why do you think these are occurring and what has been the result?











Question 9:

Use statistical analysis to assist in your interpretation and include copies.














Question 10:

Conduct a ‘What If Analysis’ on the information. What was the outcome?












Question 11:

How have you ensured that your analysis has been conducted using a logical approach to the evaluation and conclusions drawn by you?














Question 12:

How would you adjust any information collection systems currently in place?

Include recommendations for improvements to the information collection in your final report.
















Part C – Making the decision


This part requires you to make decisions. Address the following points to ensure you have all the necessary information:



Question 13:


Do you have enough information to make valid, credible and reliable recommendations to the CEO and Board of Directors? How do you know that you have sufficient information and that it is valid and reliable? Document your recommendations – one must relate to the use of an information system to capture future information relevant to this project.








Question 14:

What risk management plans have you put into place to determine acceptable courses of action?









Question 15:

What quantitative methods did you use to assist your decision making?







Question 16:

With whom would you consult when making decisions about information to use?








Question 17:

How have you ensured that any decisions taken on information use are within the appropriate authority of the decision maker?







Question 18:

Explain how your recommendations are in line with the organisational objectives, values and standards of Bounce Fitness?







Question 19:

What would you do in order to ensure your recommendations are completed in a timely fashion?









Part D – Disseminate the information 


Prepare a communication plan to inform the organisation about the decisions. It will be presented to the CEO and Board of Directors.


Check your report a final time before submission to ensure the information is spell- checked, grammatically correct, up-to-date, accurate, relevant and sufficient.


Ensure that you include information relating to:


  • How advice/information needs are documented and if there are specific requirements relating to different locations, format and timelines.


  • How and when document information and databases will be updated.


  • How the design of the systems meets the information requirements of decision makers and how the databases will be updated and on what timeline.


  • How you ensured the information is up to date, accurate, relevant and sufficient.


  • How confidentiality/privacy policies will be adhered to in the transmission/release of information/advice.


  • How and when the communication plan will be reviewed and updated.


  • How technology will be used to provide optimum efficiency and quality.


  • How corporate knowledge will be maintained to ensure security.





















Part E – Presentation


This part requires you to demonstrate your ability to communicate and consult. You must ensure all relevant groups and individuals are advised of what is occurring and are provided with an opportunity for input. To demonstrate your communication skills, you will now present your report.

  • If you are completing this unit Face to Face: Present your report to your fellow learners playing the role of the CEO and Board of Directors of Bounce Fitness.
  • If you are completing this unit online: Present your report to 2 volunteers (e.g. colleagues, friends, family members, other students) who will play the role of the CEO and Board of Directors of Bounce Fitness.


You must orally present this report exactly as you would to the CEO and Board of Directors of Bounce Fitness.  You must be clear, knowledgeable and influencing in your presentation.   The audiences may question aspects of your presentation and you must respond credibly and accurately.



End of Assessment

Congratulations, you have completed this assessment task. Please ensure all questions are answered and upload the following:

  • This completed workbook
  • Video Recording of Part E (If you are completing this unit online)
  • PowerPoint slides used when carrying out the presentation in Part E.




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