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MGT 330 week 2 Quiz (all correct)

Question 1.                       

The organizing function includes all of the following activities EXCEPT

                                                job design




Question 2.                       

Shine is a clothing manufacturer with home offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, factories in Bangladesh and Indonesia, and distribution hubs in China and Brazil. Which type of departmentalization MOST applies to Shine?

                                                strategic business unit

                                                geographic region



  Question 3.                      

The five coordinated flows of production are authority, decision process, ideology, _______________, and ________________.

                                                strategy; information

                                                work material; strategy

                                                work material; promotion

                                                 information; work material

Question 4.                       

Authority consists of which two key components?

                                                the right to act and permission to direct

                                                 the right to direct and permission to act

                                                the right to decide and permission to repair

                                                the right to repair and permission to decide

  Question 5.                      

French management authority Henri Fayol described the concept of parity of authority and responsibility, which refers to an authority figure’s

                                                obligation to employees

                                                commanding presence


                                                respectability and honor

  Question 6.                      

Chaturanga is a yoga supply company that uses a business-to-business (B2B) model for selling yoga mats to yoga specialty stores. What kind of departmentalization does this represent?

                                                departmentalization by strategic business unit

                                                departmentalization by product

                                                 departmentalization by customer

                                                departmentalization by matrix

  Question 7.                      

Which type of organizational structure is prone to duplication of activities and counterproductive inter-market customer competition?

                                                machine bureaucracy

                                                professional bureaucracy

                                                 divisional structure


Question 8.                       

At which of Alfred Chandler’s four stages of structural development does product diversification occur?

                                                Stage 1

                                                 Stage 2

                                                Stage 3

                                                Stage 4

  Question 9.                      

All of the following organizations would be very likely to use an organic organizational structure EXCEPT

                                                Blank Walls, an advertising agency

                                                 Wonderlight, a manufacturing plant

                                                Smith & Gerot, a management consulting firm

                                                Rough Draft, a graphic design group


Question 10.                    

At which of Alfred Chandler’s four stages of structural development does high product demand cause a crisis for a company?

                                                Stage 1

                                                Stage 2

                                                 Stage 3

                                                Stage 4



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