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MGT 330 week 4 Quiz (all correct)

Question 1.                       

Elissa is a mediator whose job is to arbitrate negotiations between unions and corporations. What kind of power does Elissa have?

                                                 boundary-spanning power

                                                referent power

                                                closeness over production

                                                tactical power

Question 2.                       

Which theory was born from the great man theory of leadership?

                                                situational theory

                                                behavioral theory

                                                transformational theory

                                                 trait theory

Question 3.                       

Of the following goals, which is considered to be the most crucial for leaders who want to succeed at team-building?

                                                 Build trust among members.

                                                Reduce personal conflict inside a group or team.

                                                Develop effective channels of communication among members.

                                                Increase effective support between members.


Question 4.                       

What may accompany the adjourning stage of group performance?

                                                a sense of uncertainty

                                                 a sense of unity

                                                 a sense of loss

                                                a sense of conflict


Question 5.                       

At which stage of a group- or team-building process do close relationships develop, giving rise to unity?






Question 6.                       

Which of the following individuals would most likely NOT be considered a group’s gatekeeper?

                                                Jim, who is informally regarded as the group’s leader

                                               Gary, who is always willing to express the group’s values

                                                 Karl, who helps carry out the group’s activities

                                                Juan, who is a “member in good standing”

  Question 7.                      

Whenever Paula works in a group, she gives less effort than when she works individually. What term best describes this scenario?


                                                group cohesiveness

                                                 social loafing

                                                sender disability


Question 8.                       

Which of the following is NOT a category of barriers to interpersonal communication?

                                                individual differences among employees

                                                situational factors, such as outside noise

                                                transmission problems, such as telephone static

                                                 informal communication networks, such as the grapevine

Question 9.                       

What makes communication dynamic?

                                                It is usually exciting, because transmitting messages can be exhilarating.

                                                 It is constantly changing, because messages feed other messages.

                                                It is always irreversible, because we cannot take back what we say.

                                                It is usually complex, because messages have many layers of meaning.


Question 10.                    

What is a consequence of too much cohesion in a group?

                                                 Groups tend to have decreased levels of effort.

                                                Groups tend to lack cooperation.

                                                Group members tend to argue.

                                                Group members tend to overstep each other’s boundaries.




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