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Help needed to summarize the file as a presentation slide, so be specific, brief, simple word, and made it as a points as much as you can, so the required is as follows:-

1- Company describe

2- Industry Analysis & Trends Industry Code

3-The Target Market

Running head: ISL BUSINESS PLAN 2


ISL Business Plan





Executive Summary

Innovative Sustainable Living (ISL) is an ambitious social services company that is dedicated to providing a living solution to low income and homeless families and individuals. Combining technology, industry know-how, and innovation, ISL cooperates with different regional leaders to reach its goals of building affordable housing both livable and inexpensive with the maximum level of social status and dignity for vulnerable people.

Company Description


ISL mission is “to use and further develop the unique and untapped opportunities available in modular housing and smart living to create an affordable sustainable living for communities through the proper application and assimilation of the appropriate technologies and know-how”.

Form of Business

ISL is a social services organization made up of groups of philanthropists, expert members, and organizations who are dedicated to offering dignified life to the most vulnerable members of the society. According to World Health Organization (n.d), vulnerability is the extent to which an individual or population is not able to deal with, anticipate, recover, and resist the impacts of various tragedies. Children, the elderly, malnourished individuals, pregnant individuals, and those who are immunocompromised or ill are the ones who are the most vulnerable when any disaster strikes. Poverty and its major-related aspects such as homelessness, malnutrition, destitution, and poor housing is a key source of vulnerability.

ISL, thus, focus its energy and resources to various projects to help these people flourish. Combining technology, industry know-how, and innovation, ISL cooperates with different regional leaders to reach their objectives and goals at the highest level by delivering sustainable value to its stakeholders and constituents. With cooperation, goals and processes become more aligned and clearer, leading the entire group towards a higher level of attaining the common goal.

Description of Services

ISL provides several services to people. It provides services in the following fields:

· Smart communities

· Designing, manufacturing and building modular housing projects

· Professional services and technology consultation and implementation

· Leadership and training organizations

· Mental health/positive psychology providers

· Sustainability and permaculture

· IoT enables services and smart living


Management/leadership is a very vital element in an organization. No entity can survive without proper management/leadership. Management helps in achieving the overall organization’s goals: It arranges and organize different factors of production, organizes and assembles resources, and merge the resources to achieve the overall goals of an organization. Management also ensures maximum utilization of resources as it makes use of all the human and physical resources productively. Management also helps in reducing costs. It obtains optimum results through proper planning and through the use of minimum input which results in cost reduction.

ISL leadership team consist of Ali Gooyabadi, Stan Foster, Holmes Stoner, Hamid Omrani, Stuart, Adam, Temta, and Michael. Ali Gooyabadi is the CEO, Stan Foster is the treasurer, Holmes Stoner is the chairman of the board, Hamid Omrani is the architecture, Stuart is the Chief Executive Officer, Adam is another Chief Executive Officer, Temta is the Python lead, and Michael is the marketing manager (islportal.com). All these individuals play a vital part in the overall success of the company. They work together to ensure positive end results.

Location and Geographical Information

ISL is located in Camino Del Rio. Camino Del Rio is a suburban neighborhood located within San Diego. San Diego is a city located in California, USA.

Industry Analysis & Trends

Industry Code

As stated earlier, ISL operates in the social services industry. Social services industry consists of several professions and sectors that provide services to individuals in need. These services include education services, housing services, disaster relief services, and healthcare services. The aim of providing these services is to promote equality, build stronger communities and societies, and build more effective organizations. The industry code is SIC CODE 8399.

Size and Growth Rate

The social services industry is big. According to the Health Department, there are approximately two million individuals employed in the social services industry. The Health Department predicts the employment rate in social services to grow by approximately 10% through 2024. Social workers employment is projected to grow faster in the coming years. Competition for various job positions in the cities will also be high as a result of the increasing number of qualified applicants but job openings in the rural areas will be easier to get.

The overall social services market was projected to grow from approximately $4,598B in 2019 to $4,796B in 2020. The low growth rate is basically because of the overall economic slowdown around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the various measure put in place to contain the virus (The Business Research Company, n.d). The market is then projected to get better and grow at a rate of nine per cent and reach approximately 6,146B in 2023. The market comprises of revenues and profits generated from services and associated goods by organizations.

Industry Trends

One major trend in the social services industry is the rising focus on prevention and intervention. More and more individuals are looking for treatment for mental health and substance abuse. This indicates that there will be a need for professionals within the industry to meet these needs, and the emphasis must shift to prevention and intervention.

The other trend is the adoption of outside practices. Professionals within the social services industry will begin to research on other industries and sectors to learn how they meet the needs of their clients. The purpose of this research is to enhance the clients’ experience in general.

Another trend is great collaborations between sectors. Government agencies and social services entities are now required to share resources and knowledge. This can help boost the services delivered within the industry.

Seasonal Factors

Seasonal factors affect the social services industry at large. One seasonal factor that affects the industry is the availability of resources. Resources for funding different social services are seasonal. Sometimes there is no steady flow of funds from donors to fund different projects.

Another seasonal factor within the industry is the disease outbreak. Currently, there is an outbreak of COVID-19. This pandemic has claimed the life of many people. The pandemic has also resulted in job losses all over the world. The USA, for instance, has lost approximately twenty million jobs since the middle of March, leading to an unemployment rate of around 14% (CIDRAP, 2020). Job losses have affected almost every sector but the hospitality sector was the most hit sector with almost 40 per cent unemployment rate. The job loss has induced crime and illicit activities such as street crime, organized crime, smuggling, online crime, human trafficking, robberies, and many more. Some of those found committing these crimes have ended up in jail. This has resulted in an increased number of neglected children.

Another factor is the economic recession. Economic recession can be defined as a substantial decline in the overall economic activity. Economic recession can result in lower wages, lower incomes, and higher unemployment. These factors can encourage individuals to indulge in illegal activities such as robberies, online crime, and many others. These activities can result in even twenty years jail sentence which can eventually increase the number of neglected children, just as stated earlier.

The other factor is weather disaster. Aspect such as hurricane affects social services industry to a larger extent. When a hurricane happens, it brings a big number of vital hazards. These include high winds, heavy rains, tornadoes, storm surge, and many more. These impact people’s life to a large extent as they can result in several damages. Winds, for instance, can damage houses and properties. And if the hurricane does not destroy houses, the major flooding that comes after the hurricanes might destroy houses. When houses are destroyed, a lot of individuals may end up homeless.

Regulation and Certification

No industry can survive without regulations. Regulations are necessary for the proper functioning of the industry. They boost markets and protect the safety and rights of individuals. Certification is equally important in any industry.

Social services industry has a set of regulations just like any other industry. These regulations are formulated to help professionals within the industry deliver services as expected. Similarly, professionals within the social services industry are also expected to have certification. Certification increases efficiency as it helps these professionals to provide services with a sound foundation. Certification also builds professional credibility. Certification also demonstrates one’s commitment to greater professionalism and upholding industry standards.

The Target Market

The target market for ISL services is low income and homeless families and individuals. ISL is focused to provide a comprehensive living solution to these people. The organization plans to build affordable housing both livable and inexpensive with the maximum level of social status and dignity for vulnerable people.

A larger percentage of people in the world are low-income earners. This is a huge problem. In America for instance, around 10.2% of households presently earn less than $15,000 per year. In reference to a four-person family, earning less than $23,492 in America put a household under the poverty line (Duffin, 2019). Around 24.4 million families currently live below $25,000 per year. In 2018, approximately one-fifth of Hispanic and Black populations were living under the poverty line.

Homelessness is also a vital problem in the world. Based on reports, it is estimated that more than one-fifty million individuals or around 2% of the population in the world are homeless. In the USA, around 567,710 individuals were homeless in 2019. In 2018, the total number was around 552,835. In 2017, the number was around 553, 742. And when we look at the issue in terms of race, in 2019, there were around 270, 608 white homeless individuals in the country, the largest of all ethnic groups (Duffin, 2020). The total number of minority homeless individuals in the country was around 297,108.

Major Causes of Homelessness

One major cause of homelessness is a lack of dependable relationships. Everybody wants to have someone to call a mentor or a friend, a person one can run to when things get hard, or when one needs some guidance to get on the right track. A lack of these kinds of relationships usually causes a huge hole in people’s lives. Having trustworthy and healthy relationships can make a big difference between having a place to temporarily live and finding oneself in the streets with no place to go.

The other cause is disability and illness. Disabilities and illnesses don’t happen by choice but the repercussions of going through such traumatic conditions usually result in homelessness. Chronic diseases and disability often prevent individuals from getting employment, and as we all know, without having a job, an individual will not have a source of income. Without a source of income, affording a house becomes difficult and this leads to homelessness.

Another cause of homelessness is poverty. Some individuals may have a job but they are homeless because the job is low-paying. Low-paying jobs usually leave individuals unable to afford basic needs such as food and housing. Foreclosures and evictions can occur instantly, and despite having stable jobs, so many people are left with no home an no place to go.

Absence of affordable housing is also a key cause of homelessness. There is a clear relationship between the number of individuals staying on the streets and the absence of affordable houses, especially in metropolitan areas and cities. A good example is Atlanta. While the city is a beautiful and attractive place to stay and live, the city is growing, and with intense growth comes a rise in housing prices. The average rent price for an apartment in the region is around $1,466. This is expensive for a person with a low-paying job.


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