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Production Management System

Production Management System
1. Background and Rationale for the project
This production management system is almost unique to all manufacturing industry, where production is going on twenty-four by seven. Let’s consider an automated Bakery products manufacturing system. This Production management system must be analyzed properly to find out all the required business entities and other required details to prepare a complete business analysis report, which can be delivered to software engineering team to complete a full automated system, which helps to plant floor manager, supervisor and line of production in a row. The information from the plant / machine will provide instant result such as fine output (finished goods), waste, recyclable etc. So, it’s a complete turnkey system for the factory, where fewer human interactions are applied.
2. Project goals and Objectives
Project participants must find all the entities, relationships, wireframing design for all the interfaces, constraints and business policy, UAT (user acceptance test).
3. Project Resources
Project participant’s academic knowledge and host organisation’s skills will help to complete BA part for this project. The following tools can be used as resource such as:
i. MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point and/or MS Project
ii. Wireframing design tool
iii. Data Flow Diagram (DFD) (MS Visio or any other tools)
iv. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to capture entity relationship
v. Program Flow Chart (PFC) or Sequence Diagram (SD) by UML using MS Visio or any other tools
vi. Use Case Diagram (UCD) and Activity Diagram (AD) using UML in Visio
vii. Team’s Brain Storming Session
viii. UI / UX for Mock-up Screens and various end user issues / behaviour
ix. Complete SRS report template in word doc.
4. Desired Outcomes/Deliverables
The project participants will find the required business entities for a typical Production management system by the group / team brainstorming session. In addition to this the following deliverables are part of the project in SRS report, such as:
Being an information system expert, you will identify the deliverables under the following category, such as:
a. Business Process Analysis
i. Models business processes
ii. Uses workflow and process engines (prepare Process Flow Diagram)
iii. Prepare Business Process Model notation (BPMN) diagram for a complex process
iv. Prepare organisational chart
b. Requirements Analysis
i. Analyse Requirements
ii. Prepare functional design
iii. Provide necessary IT solutions
c. System Analysis
i. Prepare documented requirements
ii. Create functional specification
iii. Prepare Program Flow charts for all the proposed modules or entities
iv. Prepare Use cases Diagram, Sequence Diagram (SD), Activity diagram
d. Data Analysis
i. Design logical data model
ii. Prepare DFD
iii. List all the business entities (in excel or word doc)
iv. Prepare Data Dictionary for each business entity (use excel)
v. Prepare ERD with all the constraints (part of business logic)
vi. Prepare all the business logics & policies to implement in Database
vii. Prepare Reports
Things which also have to be done are
• Agile methodology
• Conceptual model
As is model
Used analysis techniques like
Root cause analysis
Fish bone model
i. Project planning (in excel / MS Project)
ii. Identify stakeholders sponsoring to the project
iii. Prepare SRS report for the complete project (use word doc)
iv. Design a UAT format / template (use word doc or excel)
v. List of UAT for final release of the software product. (use excel)
vi. List all the issues and exceptions for the project
User Stories which we group members created is in the product roadmap file.
You also have to solve the problem of users. It is business analyst final report. The recommended length of the report is 6000 words. This is however dependent on the project. The most important criteria is that the project has been well documented in the Write-Up. Appendices can be included.
Group Name:
Student 1 Name/ID: Student 2 Name/ID: Student 3 Name ID :
Content Allocated Marks Awarded Marks
Overall Presentation and Quality of the Document
Is the report well written, with good grammar, sentence, and paragraph construction? 10
Problem Statement
Has the project problem clearly defined and explained?
Are user stories specified?
Are the relevant stakeholders correctly identified? 20
Project Objectives
Does the aim of the project clearly align to provide a solution to the project problem? 10
Related Academic and Commercial Research
Has a review of relevant literature been conducted?
What conclusionsare drawn from the review of relevant literature?
How do the findings from the literature inform the proposedproduct as solution to the project problem?
What relevant theories, perspectives, or frameworks has been adopted to address the project problem?
What justification is provided for the selected theory/framework
How does the framework contribute to the solution for the project problem? 25
Justification and explanation of project methodology, including specific tasks undertaken in development of the product. 10
Discussion of Product(s)
Comprehensive description/demonstration of the product developed, including results and findings fromproduct testing/evaluation 5
Summary of Findings, Limitations, and Recommendation
What are the applications of the product?
What are the limitations of the product?
How might the product be improved? 10
Are references relevant?
Are they correctly cited and listed? 10
Total 100
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