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For each of the problems listed, determine the following quantities for each activity: the earliest start time, latest start time, earliest finish time, latest finish time, and slack time. List the critical activities, and determine the expected duration of the project.



Activity-on-arrow diagram



Activity         ES             EF             LF            LS           Slack  
1–2         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
2–4         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
4–7         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
7–10         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
10–12         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
2–5         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
5–8         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
8–10         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
1–3         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
3–6         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
6–9         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
9–11         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
11–12         [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  



Activity-on-node diagram



  Activity      ES      EF     LF      LS      Slack
1 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
2 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
3 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
4 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
5 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
6 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
7 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
8 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
9 [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  


Activity Immediate
Estimated Time (days)
A — 15                
B A 12                
C B 6                
D B 5                
E C 3                
F — 8                
G F 8                
H F 9                
I G 7                
J H 14                
K J 6                
End D, E, I, K   


  Activity     ES     EF    LF    LS     Slack
A [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
B [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
C [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
E [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
D [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
F [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
G [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
I [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
H [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
J [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  
K [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]   [removed]  


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