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Your company recently went through a global merger or acquisition in which at least one of the parti


Your company recently went through a global merger or acquisition in which at least one of the parties involved was from one of the following countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Cuba). You need to create a PowerPoint presentation that you will present to the Board to describe the rationale behind the merger or acquisition.


•Identify if the merger or acquisition was vertical or horizontal in nature.

•Compare and contrast some advantages and disadvantages to pursuing the merger as opposed to pursuing an association.

•What are some of the social implications of doing business with this firm (human rights, social responsibility, and etcetera)?


•Create a PowerPoint presentation, at least 7-9 slides, not counting the title or reference slides.

•Include at least 3 valid, credible resources, preferably from the Post University Library.

•Include an introduction and conclusion slide.

•Use APA formatting for citations, include in-text citations on slides.

•Be creative!

Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.


CRITERIA Deficient Needs Proficient Exemplary
0-11 points 12-15 points 16-17 points 18-20 points
Content Elements of Slides Slides Slides clearly
the assignment somewhat generally address all
are not address the address all elements of the
addressed, elements of the elements of the assignment in
poorly assignment in assignment in a thorough and
constructed, though not in a a clear detailed
lacking critical clear manner, manner, manner.
thought, or lacking some showing Critical thinking
difficult to critical thinking evidence of and research
evaluate. and research. critical thinking are apparent.
and research.
Overall Content is Information Information Information is
Organization difficult to flow is flow is presented in a
follow due to somewhat generally logical and
lack of logical logical, logical and interesting
structure or may be difficult easy to follow sequence that
flow. to follow and but may lack is easy to
lack fluency. fluency. follow. Topics
flow smoothly
from one to
another with
Professionali Slides are Slides and Slides and Slides and
sm unclear, supporting supporting supporting
overloaded, or notes are notes are notes are
lack a presented in a presented in a presented in a
consistent somewhat generally consistently
design style. consistent consistent and professional
manner but effective and effective
lack an design style, manner.
effective though there Template
design style, are some design, fonts,
and inconsistencies and colors
inconsistencies present. enhance the
are present. presentation.
Preparation Slides Slides Slides Slides
and demonstrate somewhat demonstrate demonstrate
Development frequent errors demonstrate a general consistent
of layout or general attention to attention to



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